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Are you looking for MovieStarPlanet Hack where you can get MSP VIP codes with free Coins and Diamonds?

Moviestarplanet Hack:

As you know, MovieStarPlanet Game is a free multiplayer online game, which is developed especially for children aged between 08 to 15-years. MovieStarPlanet game is developed to make children realize “how to gain fame or how to act in the real world.”

In MovieStarPlanet, you need to create an online avatar, which will represent you in the virtual world. With different events and hundreds of competitions, you need to prove yourself and change gear to get fame.

One thing which parents complain in MovieStarPlanet is the use of real money to get Diamonds and a monthly subscription of VIP membership packages. To compensate that complain we have developed MovieStarPlanet online tools that can provide you with free Coins, Diamonds and MSP VIP codes.

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 Features of MovieStarPlanet Game

Before you plunge into the MovieStarPlanet virtual game, you should look for the pros and cons of this game.


  • Game is designed for younger kids from age group 08 to above
  • MovieStarPlanet teaches younger kids to behave in the virtual world
  • You can implement all the good teaching from the virtual world to the real world
  • The main moto of MovieStarPlanet is to “get fame and become rich.
  • More than 270 million worldwide users
  • Game is available in 11 different languages
  • Cool graphics with superb background music
  • Teachers younger children to behave politely in the real world


  • Difficult to gain fame in a short period of time
  • You have to spend real money to buy VIP status to get fame
  • Complains about the chat forums, which are not fully safe
  • Many people keep asking for a personal mobile number and other information
  • Parents should always keep an eye to all chats to avoid any mishappening


Top 08 MovieStarPlanet Hack to get fame

So, let’s check the top 08 methods of MovieStarPlanet hack to gain fame within a few days.

Method 1 # Watch Movies Every Day

MovieStarPlanet provides free Starcoins when you watch movies. So, you need to watch 10 movies every day to get Starcoins in the game. Watching other people’s movies is fun and entertaining; you can grab hundreds of ideas and implement them in your movies.

Always keep an eye on the movie trends which are going strong; for example, if people are making movies on their dress rehearsal and getting fame, then you should also implement that method.

You need to complete your daily tasks to get coins, which includes watching other people’s movies.

Method 2 # Unleash your creativity- Make a movie

If you really want to get fame and coins in MovieStarPlanet, then you need to make a movie every day. There are two forms of the movie,

  • A short movie (2 min time) will fetch you 10 Starcoins
  • Long Movie (5 min time) will fetch you 25 Starcoins

In case you have a VIP membership, then you can include animation in your video. This will boost your movie, and you will receive a huge audience.

Method 3 # Make a Video Series

One of the parts which novice people did not follow is “they did not make a video series,” which means, the video did not have a story line in it. If you want real fame and want to engage the audience for a longer period of time, try to make a series.

Get inspiration by checking other top fame players of your game and check how they implement the series in every video.


Method 4 # keep the excitement level high

So, if you don’t want to make longer movie or series, then you can do one thing, makes shorter movies and keep the excitement level high. There are numerous videos in MovieStarPlanet, where short and crisp movies have huge audiences.

What they do in those videos is to create hype and make a high excitement level.

Method 5 # comment on artwork and get follows

Everyone likes praise and good comment, remember, you need to commend daily on other people’s artwork. Good commenting always attracts people, and they will also follow you and keep on commending on your artwork.

Simple sentences like this will make a huge impact and gain a huge audience

  • Awesome video
  • I love your creativity
  • OMG how do you do that
  • OMG I love your creativity
  • Cool and engaging movie

Method 6 # Play different games and earn Starcoins

There are many games in MovieStarPlanet, which will give you 10 Starcoins when you finish them playing. Take Quizzes, which are very simple to complete and provide free 10 Starcoins every time you finish it.

Method 7 # Click on Oscar and Scissor Icon

How real movie stars get fame?

They get fame when they hold Oscar awards.

MovieStarPlanet has many hidden tasks that you can get by clicking on the Oscar and Scissor icon present in the dashboard. You will be awarded 100 Starcoins when you successfully complete these small tasks.

Method 8 # love Pets

You can love other players’ pets and get some bonuses like Starcoins. For this process, you need to join a different room where pets’ lovers are there. Check out these chat rooms and find the owner, who will provide you with his pets for care.

You can earn more than 2000 Starcoins using this method by loving pets.

MovieStarPlanet VIP account

You can use real money to purchase these VIP membership packages to get fame and free coins. All the VIP membership packages are given below.

(a) Regular VIP membership Package

PeriodMembership CostDiamondStarcoins
One week$3.99 or £3101900
One Month$9.99 or £8709500
Three Month$24.99 or £2017522000
One Year$54.99 or £4552070000
Perks: Fame bonus, X5 friends, 5 Starcoins daily free, 4 autographs per hour, Access to Exclusive items, 2 daily wheel of fortune spins free

(b) Elite VIP membership Package

PeriodMembership CostDiamondStarcoins
One week$4.99 or £3.50152300
One Month$11.99 or £98011500
Three Month$28.99 or £2519527000
One Year$64.99 or £5563591000
Perks: Fame bonus, X7 friends, 20 Starcoins daily free, 1 Diamond daily, 15 autographs per hour, Access to Exclusive items, 3 daily wheel of fortune spins free

(c) Star VIP membership Package

PeriodMembership CostDiamondStarcoins
One week$5.99 or £4203000
One Month$12.99 or £1011015000
Three Month$31.99 or £2725035000
One Year$69.99 or £60825120000
Perks: Fame bonus, X9 friends, 40 Starcoins daily free, 2 Diamond daily, 30 autographs per hour, Access to Exclusive items, 4 daily wheel of fortune spins free

Final words

So, these are the MovieStarPlanet hack to get free Coins and diamond with free MSP VIP Codes. Check all awesome method to get free Starcoins in MovieStarPlanet.